Tatlumpung Baybayin is a series of posters showcasing the Filipino's near extinct form of writing, the Baybayin. These posters were designed as a way of honoring the Philippines' Buwan ng Wika (National Month of the Filipino Language) that is celebrated every month of August.

Even before the Spanish conquerors came to the islands of the Philippines 121 years ago, pre-hispanic filipinos already have their own form of government and a form of writing, which is the Baybayin. Today, Filipinos around the world are trying their best to revive the almost forgotten Baybayin in different ways that they know. This project is my contribution to raise awareness about this beautiful way of writing.

In a span of 30 days, I created a poster that showcases different words that is written in Baybayin.

Fonts used: 
• Baybayin Sisil, Baybayin Sarimanok, and Baybayin Bayani by Lloyd Zapanta 
• Matatas One by Aaron Amar
• Baybayin Modern Bern, and Baybayin Modern LoCaNo by nordenx.blogspot.com

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