Teatro Circo Price – Rebranding

Teatro Circo Price is a theater space in Madrid, Spain. The visual identity is created by Toormix, a Barcelona based brand and design agency.

“The identity is based on the circle as a reference to the 360 theater stage, one of the few in Europe, which makes it so characteristics and attractive to artists” -Toormix



My thoughts:

The over all rebrand is absolutely a step-up on the theatre’s branding. It’s contemporary, elegant, and creative. We loved how the icons/pattern was created feom the letter elements, and how it is moving across all the stationery.

As for how the layout was done in different collaterals, it somehow moved away from the main identity which is the circular graphic and the stroke patterns. The introduction of the boxed copies is off-brand.

Overall, the rebrand looked cool, new, young and lively, which, we think, is necessary to reposition the theater in today’s modern age.


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