Teatro Circo Price – Rebranding

Teatro Circo Price is a theater space in Madrid, Spain. The visual identity is created by Toormix, a Barcelona based brand and

Wattpad Rebranding

Wattpad is a social media networking site where users can either read stories or write their own. It is home to a

9 Things I learned Through My Daily Hustle

It has been 6 years since I started working as a graphic designer. It was in this time of the year when

Azerbaijan – Re-design by Landor

Recently, I found myself enjoying place branding projects, whether it's a new identity design or a re-brand. The mere nature of these

Branding Inspiration – Totem Run

Totem Run is an annual mountain race running program. Inspired by nature, Good Morning Design, a Hong Kong-based design studio, created a

Ever Experienced Creative Burnout? Read This.

Just recently, I woke up Sunday morning with a feeling of dread, thinking that it’s gonna be a long and busy week

Branding Inspiration – Rosie’s Pizza

Rosie's is a traditional pizzeria located in the neighborhood of Colegiales, Argentina. With a strong Italian roots and a completely homemade formula

5 Reasons Why You Need to Brand Yourself

A huge number of remote works have popped out over the internet. Whether it’s a copywriting job, programming job, design job, and

Logo is not Branding!

Being a graphic designer is fun. It’s that kind of work where you don’t have to wear uncomfortable uniforms or formal attires